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Mouldings are used to decorate a room by lending their decorative patterns to enhance doorways , windows, ceilings ,walls etc. Mouldings   can be an extension of one’s creative ideas or concepts giving an unlimited amount of uses to each and every item . Each individual’s ideas are unique and personal and can be an expression of one’s own taste and style that lend a home or office a special look and feel.
Finger-Joint(FJ)  Pine consists of small pieces of wood  that are  recycled  and joined together  to create lengths for door casings and 16’or 17’ lengths for crowns, base  and chair rails . This allows for ease of installation and less installation joints, typical of solid woods.The advantages to FJ Pine mouldings are the definition of detail ,much sharper than MDF ,the workability , nailing ease and personal preference for wood.
Primed FJ moulding is coated with a water-based primer on four sides and fully protected from the elements .Each piece of moulding is ready for paint once prepping is complete .With the same properties as Raw FJ ,Primed FJ millwork is receptive to paint ,saving extra time and the cost of priming .
All FJ & Primed FJ mouldings have trimbacks . Trimbacks occur during  manufacturing when the mouling comes through the molder at the correct long length ,but defect is spotted .Rather than throw the whole piece of moulding away, the defect is cut out ,leaving varied lengths . Trimbacks  (lengths other than those ordered) should not exceed 10% of the footage ordered.

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